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Connecting Code to a EG Process

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Connecting Code to a EG Process

*Using SAS EG, process is full of EG queries. Not written code*


I currently have a long multi step process in SAS. However, after completing about half of the process, I receive the error that there is insufficient space in my work library. I have reached out to our tech team to increase my work library size, however have no been successful.


Instead of increasing size, I have come up with the idea to clear my workspace right before my process receives the error. I am trying to do this by exporting the query into a SAS library, cleaning out the work space, them re importing the export to pick up where I left off.  I have been successful in exporting out the data but have become stuck on how to tell sas to clear the workspace. I found the following code and have inputted it using file > new> process code. It does work to clear out my work library, however I am stuck trying to make it occur after the export.


proc datasets lib=work kill nolist memtype=data;

How would I link that code into my work flow?


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Re: Connecting Code to a EG Process

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Not too sure I understand your question.

This aside, it may be better to use this in your case:

proc datasets noprint mt=data;

rather than the kill option, to avoid copying data back and forth.



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