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Connect To SFTP Without KeyChains

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Connect To SFTP Without KeyChains

Hey everyone,

Is there or will there ever be the ability for SAS to connect to SFTP without the need to installing back end software such as putty and with the need for keychains.

Seems reasonable that all you should need is the below :

filename outfile sftp '/home/myfile.DAT' host="" user="bigdaddy" passwd="Something";

data _null_;

   file outfile;

   do i=1 to 10;

      put i=;



Problem seems to be that there is no Password options, surely if this feature was added there would then be a way for this to work ?

However this right now does not help the moment my company seem to have coreftplite setup on our sas server, would anyone have any instructions or code to allow me to connect to an SFTP and take down files.

I also want to do all this interactively, not in batch.

Kind Regards


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Connect To SFTP Without KeyChains

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The SAS SFTP filename engine launches the system's SFTP command - and, as these commands do not support passing a password as a command-line option, there is no way for SAS to pass this information.  The SFTP filename is designed and intended only to be used with keys.

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