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Connect SAS with webpages

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Connect SAS with webpages

Not sure on the location: So I have selected Base SAS programming. If somebody wants this to be changed, feel free to tell me.

I wanted to use SAS back end. I mean at frond end I will have webpage, where I am allowed to enter data into input text boxes. Data entered by user has to be put into SAS datasets. Front end can be JAVA(JSP)/PHP. I need (may be a doc) how JSP/PHP and SAS interconnected?

I have searched out but couldn't get info. Can somebody help me on this, please?


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Re: Connect SAS with webpages

Doing a search on this site (and perhaps on "data entry" will give some hints on how to start.

That said, SAS isn't primarily a data entry tool in my eyes. So a usual set up is to use another tool, which stores the data entered in a sharable format, like in an RDBMS like MySQL, SQL Server or MS Access. Then use SAS to analyze this data, and probably together with other more automated sources.

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Re: Connect SAS with webpages

You could create a SAS Stored Process that, when called with empty parameters, displays a webpage with a simple HTML FORM that contains all the necessary inputs.

The "submit" button of the FORM should call the same stored process again, this time with contents in the parameters, and then the stored process checks the data and inserts it into a dataset.


Knowledge of HTML, javascript and stored process development will be necessary.

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Re: Connect SAS with webpages

What kind of SAS environment do you have?


If available, one could use the SAS Stored Process technology to implement what you are looking for.



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