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Complex macro variable name

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Complex macro variable name


I want to create a variable called:

Please advise, can I do somethink like:
%let id=_111_;
%let &id.dataset = work.main_data;
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Re: Complex macro variable name

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Well it's possible and it does work.


%let id=_111_;
%let &id.dataset = work.main_data;

%put &_111_dataset;
%put &&&id.dataset;

But unless you want that ID to be variable there is no need to do that.


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Re: Complex macro variable name

Why?  How do you see _111_work.dataset being a useful variable name - remembering that if you do so you can't use any of the short hand methods like: var:

Remember SAS provides to parts to varaibles - the name which is used in programming and should be succient and simple to program with as this is the main purpose of it, and the label which can be pretty much anything and is for people to look at and understand.  

I can pretty much guarentee any code you write from the point you describe there is going to be messy and over complicated.

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