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Combining multiple variables

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Combining multiple variables

Hi I'm having a problem combining multiple variables into a single column (or perhaps more exactly, I think I want to concatenate the variables?) .  I think I'm supposed to be using the catx function, but I keep getting a variety of syntax errors when I try.  I'd like to combine the 5 character code that exists in 25 different variables that are labeled DX1-DX25 into a new column called DXCOMBINED with a space between each value.  I'm so far stuck at catx (" ", dx1, dx2, dx3, ....dx25).

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Combining multiple variables

Looks fine to me. Please give an example. What do the error messages say? - PG

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Re: Combining multiple variables

if the code in a data step looks like:

DXCombined = catx(" ", dx1, dx2, dx3, ..., dx25);


( catx(" ", dx1, dx2, dx3, ..., dx25) ) as DXCombined in proc sql

then I wouldn't expect an error.

It could be that the error is arising from something earlier in the program code.

Post the errors from the log.

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Re: Combining multiple variables

Just for ease of coding and simplicity, this variation should work (although I can't test it today):

dxcombined = catx(' ', of dx1-dx25);

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