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Column name "In" causing errors...

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Column name "In" causing errors...


I am connecting to a data set on a SQL server, where one of the column name is "In". I have tried pulling in the field using double quotes, single quotes and even renaming it in both proc sql and data step. But nothing seems to work.

And ideas?

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Re: Column name "In" causing errors...

Have you tried the SAS "data set option" RENAME= used with FROM (PROC SQL) or the SET statement (DATA step)? It's best to share code and related SAS log (pasted in your post or post-reply) for what you have tried in order to allow subscribers to provide useful feedback/comment on your situation. Also, having the SAS log information (at least some relevant code leading up to the problem/error), let's subscribers know what's going on. Lastly, SAS version, OS platform, and whether you are local/remote server connected helps too.

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