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Checking for errors, warnings in the log

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Checking for errors, warnings in the log



Is there a SAS code out there that can help me scan errors in a log file with the line number the errors occur?

for ex: check for errors, warnings and tells me what line number is that occuring.. 


Will appreciate any help!!



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Re: Checking for errors, warnings in the log

Well, I think EG or one of the other SAS products has a summary which gives a count for each WARNING, ERROR and NOTE.  I have developed a couple of these in both SAS and C#, it is a simple load text file and scan for elements you want to scan.  I will not provide you code as that is proprietary, but a couple of pointers.

data ...; 

  infile "<your_log>"...;

  input buffer $;



data ...;

  set <dataset above>;

  if index(buffer,"ERROR") > 0 then...


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Re: Checking for errors, warnings in the log

Gives the error description an the line of code:


Proc PrintTo Log="C:\Users\NAME\Desktop\Test_Log.Log" NEW;

Proc DO_NOT_EXIST_Print; Run; * create an error;
Proc DO_NOT_EXIST_Print; Run;
Proc DO_NOT_EXIST_Print; Run;

Proc PrintTo;

Data LogCheck;
  Infile "C:\Users\NAME\Desktop\Test_Log.Log" Delimiter='09'x Missover DSD Lrecl=32767;
  Informat LogLine $200.;
  Format LogLine $200.;
  Input Logline $;
  Length Codeline $10.;
  Retain CodeLine '.';
  CodeLine=IfC(NotDigit(Substr(LogLine,1,1)),CodeLine,Scan(LogLine,1,' '));
  If Logline=:"ERROR:" Then Output;
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