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Char to int var

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Char to int var

I was using proc sql  case when statement  on sas EG and similar code using sas access to teradata to convert char to int.


logic run on sas eg which give error as  2nd when conditon has different data type variable


so what i have 

when var_cd equal '0' then 0 

when var_cd equal ' ' then null

else (10- input(var_Cd,8.) end as my_var_val


Logic which worked in Teradata sas access 




                when var_Cd is null then null

                when var_Cd = '0' then null

                else 10 - cast(var_Cd as byteint)

                end as byteint)            as var_Cd


Could anyone please elaborate how this thing process via SAS access but not in sas EG  where i used simple 

libname td teradata(user=&user pwd=&pwd schema=my_Schema );

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Re: Char to int var

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Read the warnings and error messages.


equal should be eq or =

null should be .

your parentheses should be balanced




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Re: Char to int var

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Your first code is SAS code. 


Your second set of code is Teradata code, use SQL Pass Through - code is literally passed to Teradata server. 


When end using a libname connection in EG you need to use SAS code. 

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