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Can this code be converted to Base SAS/IML or with SAS EM?

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Can this code be converted to Base SAS/IML or with SAS EM?

Ok...this is a bit of a generic question but I know nothing about pig at this moment.  I came across an interesting program that I'd like to migrate over to SAS which was written in Python and Pig.

I'm semi-fluent in python and think I can covert those parts (haven't looked closely yet) but I have no idea if it's even possible to convert the pig portion into SAS.

If you're familiar with pig and SAS and can let me know if its possible to convert the following code that would be appreciated. I'm looking to avoid going down a rabbit hole, rather than have someone actually convert the code for me, though if someone did that would be much appreciated.

Working on SAS 9.3 with IML and SAS EM available though not on the same machines - desktop license for IML and server license for EM.


Business case - Using PageRank to detect anomalies and fraud in health care


medicare-demo/gen-graph.pig at master · ofermend/medicare-demo · GitHub

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