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CALL SYMPUT not resolved

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CALL SYMPUT not resolved


I have this rather moody DATA step that will sometimes resolve and other times not.Smiley Sad




CALL SYMPUT('TodaySas',PUT(TODAY(),5.));

CALL SYMPUT('OutWk1',PUT(TODAY()+7,5.));

CALL SYMPUT('OutWk2',PUT(TODAY()+14,5.));

CALL SYMPUT('OutWk3',PUT(TODAY()+21,5.));

CALL SYMPUT('OutWk4',PUT(TODAY()+28,5.));

CALL SYMPUT('OutWk5',PUT(TODAY()+35,5.));


Specifically, the OutWk1-5 var will not resolve.

Is there a reason anyone off hand can think of to why the first var "TodaySas" resolves, but the others do not. Also, this is within a job that runs as part of a group of RSUBMT batches, so it typically fails in batch and will resolve fine once ran individually.

If there is no identifiable cause/solution to why this would fail, can someone please let me know how I can run a check on these to insure they resolve and if not loop back until they do?

Thank you in advance for your help! Smiley Happy


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CALL SYMPUT not resolved

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its working fine for me...

This is the log and values...

949  DATA _NULL_;

950  CALL SYMPUT('TodaySas',PUT(TODAY(),5.));

951  CALL SYMPUT('OutWk1',PUT(TODAY()+7,5.));

952  CALL SYMPUT('OutWk2',PUT(TODAY()+14,5.));

953  CALL SYMPUT('OutWk3',PUT(TODAY()+21,5.));

954  CALL SYMPUT('OutWk4',PUT(TODAY()+28,5.));

955  CALL SYMPUT('OutWk5',PUT(TODAY()+35,5.));

956  run;

NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):

      real time           0.00 seconds

      cpu time            0.00 seconds



958  %put &TodaySas &OutWk1 &OutWk2 &OutWk3 &OutWk4 &OutWk5;

18802 18809 18816 18823 18830 18837

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Re: CALL SYMPUT not resolved

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The code you've posted looks fine to me.

"...this is within a job that runs as part of a group of RSUBMT batches..."

Does this mean you create the macro vars in a rsubmit block but want to use them outside of this rsubmit block? If so: are you properly transfering the variables using %sysrput?

As you've only posted a code snippet: In case this code runs within a macro: Did you check that it's not only a local/global scope issue?

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Re: CALL SYMPUT not resolved

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Recommend the OP review this topic in the SAS DOC related to global and local macro variable scope.  Which by the way is influenced by the use of a RUN;  statement with a DATA step.

Also, it is most informative to COPY/PASTE an actual SAS log with all related diagnostic messages along with the SAS code execution (entire program, preferably).

Scott Barry

SBBWorks, Inc.

Suggested Google advanced search argument, this topic / post:

symput macro variable scope

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