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BASE SAS session reset

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BASE SAS session reset

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I have to test many base sas code. And each sas code sets some option, create macro varaibles, libname, filename.  

Once I test one code then I have to close the base SAS session to reset all option. 


Is there any way to reset the session without closing the BASE SAS session. 

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Re: BASE SAS session reset

Closing the SAS session and starting a new one is the easiest and (IMO) best way to achieve that.

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Re: BASE SAS session reset

Execute your SAS scripts from command line instead and have it output the log/output to external files you can verify at will. 

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Re: BASE SAS session reset

You can use Proc OPTSAVE to save options before a change and then Proc OPTLOAD to restore to the previously saved settings.


You can also use this the approach to store multiple configurations and swithch between them.

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Re: BASE SAS session reset

If EG is available to you then resetting your session can be as quick and easy as disconnecting your SAS server session then re-connecting. It takes about 3 or 4 mouse clicks and about 5 seconds for me.

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