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Avaya CMS Supervisor & SAS -- Need Help

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Avaya CMS Supervisor & SAS -- Need Help

Greetings All!

I need some advice from the community because i am diving into an area that i have very little knowledge in regards to SAS.

I am told that there is a way to build scripts via %CMS or X that can login to my Avaya CMS Supervisor and pull a report directly as a dataset into the SAS system.

I have looked all over and found a couple of references but nothing that i would consider concrete or informative enough to give me a starting point.

The reason that i am looking to do this is that because of contractual reasons with Avaya, we are not able to link directly to their database, however, if i was able to build a program that logged into the CMS system and pulled the data i wanted without connecting to the database, technically, i would not be violating their TOS.

From what i have read so far, there is apparently ways to use the native language for Avaya CMS scirpting through SAS.  If anyone has any idea on how to do this... i would be totally appreciative if you can help me get started.

I currently am working out of Enterprise Guide 5.1 if that helps.



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Re: Avaya CMS Supervisor & SAS -- Need Help

Cannot speak to the TOS, but it does seem that Avaya provides an ODBC driver to use for collecting data from the CMS system:

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Re: Avaya CMS Supervisor & SAS -- Need Help

I don't think that Avaya CMS has anything to do with the CMS operating system from IBM.  Looks like Avaya CMS is a Call Management System.

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