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Assigning constant values from observations

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Assigning constant values from observations

I have a data set containing coefficients for a regression equation (single observation with variables representing each coefficient). I would like to use the coefficients to generate predicted values in another data set of N observations. Would I be able to assign the coefficients as "constant" variables for use in the N observation data set?

Coefficients Data Set: Var1 ... Var9
N Observations Data Set: VarA ... VarX
VarA ... VarX
VarA ... VarX
Predicted = Var1 + Var2*VarA + Var9*VarX
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Re: Assigning constant values from observations

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Think about this. As the SET statement is executable, you could read the coefficients, retain them for th DATA step, and then drop the variables from the output dataset; this is done once. You could have a second SET statement to read in the nObs dataset.

* untested code;
DATA scored;
IF _N_=1 then SET Coefficients;
RETAIN Var1-Var9;
DROP Var1-Var9;
Predicted = Var1 + Var2*VarA + Var9*VarX ;
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