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Assign Macro variable value to HTML text box

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Assign Macro variable value to HTML text box

Hi ,

I am trying to build a SAS report in HTML, where in have text boxes to get the data from the user and save it into a data set and then displayed the saved data from the dataset in another page.

for eg, if I am querying for a particular primary key field from the dataset, if that field exist, then should display all the row details into the corresponding textboxes wherein I have the option to edit.

I am able to get the form details into macro variables using JavaScript and below code:


put' var mobile = document.getElementById("mobile").value;';


to get the value of mobile number entered in html page to the  global macro variable mobile.

But I am unable to perform the reverse.

assign the value of the macro variable into the html textbox element so that I can display the value on the frontend.

I am using the following code but not working yet


put' document.getElementById("mobile").value="&mobile";';


it displays  &mobile  in the textbox field.

if I use without the double quotes, sas throws an error that the variable mobile is not defined.

Kindly provide a resolution at the earliest.


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Re: Assign Macro variable value to HTML text box

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SAS does not evaluate macro triggers inside of single quotes.  Use double quotes instead.  Embedded double quotes need to be doubled up.

data _null_;

put " document.getElementById(""mobile"").value=""&mobile"";" ;


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Re: Assign Macro variable value to HTML text box

Thanks a lot Tom, the resolution worked, also I was able to achieve the same using cards4 format.

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