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Any free/express edition

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Any free/express edition

May be it sounds strange to ask here, but

Does SAS have any software to download so i can train my SAS skill (BASE/Macro). Any express edition or something for developers.

I couldn't find it on main site.

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Any free/express edition

They used to have a learning edition, but no longer offer it.  You might be able to find a used copy somewhere.

Other than that, they now offer an on demand type, but just for academia I think.

There is a competor product, known as WPS, that might serve the purpose you are looking for, but it is more expensive than what the learning edition used to cost.


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Any free/express edition


So next question to SAS staff.

I'm currently looking for job. And one option is to work as SAS developer. And i want to practice.

And SAS can't give me what i want.

Another option is to work as Oracle developer, because i am Oracle skilled too. In this case i can practice, because they have express, and i can go to interview pretty sure that i'm well practiced.

According to wikipedia SAS is pretty large company with 11k employees and "SAS Institute is one of the largest privately-held corporations in North Carolina and in the software business.". And didn't that company ever thought that it can lose it's developers because of such simple thing.

I'm from country where SAS have a lot of space to expand, because there is still some empty space in the market. Sad

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Any free/express edition

Ring your local SAS Office, they may be able to Help. 

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Any free/express edition

Posted in reply to twocanbazza

Most likely there is no local SAS office Smiley Happy.

Opa4ki I so much understand the issue you are talking about! Hope you find some way to solve this and stay with SAS!

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Any free/express edition

SAS is business software , not like JAVA Eclipse.....

But I think you can find it at somewhere .Especial whether you can get a copy from some University.

I have see a URL of some school about SAS download.

And Google is the best way to find a sas download ,I think. Try to Google it .Good Luck.


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Any free/express edition

DB softwares usually have a lite or free version, but not all enterprise software does. Last time I checked Cognos doesn't either.

If you're interested in learning SAS you could check WPS (google it) but I've never tried them so have no actual experience to how close it is to the real thing.

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Any free/express edition

DAP seems like it may be compatible with basic SAS code

I never tried DAP, but I often use Base SAS, Enterprise Guide, and R.

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