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Announcing: Learn DS2 programming from the master

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Announcing: Learn DS2 programming from the master

Are you getting started with DS2, the new programming language from SAS?  Or just wondering what it's all about?  Mark Jordan (the @SASJedi) has a new book that he's written just for you.

The book is titled: Mastering the SAS DS2 Procedure: Advanced Data Wrangling Techniques


Mastering DS2


PROC DS2 is part of Base SAS, and while it's been around for several releases it's just now gaining momentum as a programming language of choice for users working with database data, or those looking to speed up their SAS data processes with parallel processing.


At first glance, DS2 looks like SAS DATA step.  But DS2 is object oriented, and allows you to take advantage of reuasable modules called packages.  It also allows you to leverage SQL snippets "in line" with your code, and blends perfectly with another new SAS procedure: FEDSQL.  


There are some techniques that require a completely different approach with DS2, so you need someone like Mark to help you to find your DS2 "sea legs."  Mark's book leads you through the differences between DATA step and DS2 and provides everything you need to get started, including a boatload of sample code. Check it out!

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Re: Announcing: Learn DS2 programming from the master

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This book as well as many other recently published SAS books by users has been added to the Orielly Publishing Safari Books Online service.  One can get a free short term trial subscription to Safari.


Better yet, here in Seattle the public library has a subscription to Safari Books Online and anyone with a library card can access “Mastering the SAS DS2 Procedure” for free.  Everyone who lives or works in Seattle can get a free library card.  Check out your own public library.

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Re: Announcing: Learn DS2 programming from the master

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I am really excited about the new DS2 programming language from SAS, and also about having my very first book published! Thanks for the shout out here on - it means a lot! "Mastering the SAS DS2 Procedure" is also instantaneously available in e-book format from SAS PressAmazon and Google Play Books, with Google offering quite a discount right now. And, as previously noted, you can read the book using your Safari online account. You can download a sample chapter as well as the data and programs used in the book from my SAS Press author page. Let's code some DS2!




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