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Access to XLS and DBF files

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Access to XLS and DBF files


what's the best mode to access to an existing xls and dbf (access) file, so I can update it from SAS data step

I read a paper advising to use LIBNAME xxxx OLEDB method, I try it but I've received the following message ERROR: The OLEDB engine cannot be found

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Re: Access to XLS and DBF files

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Are you licensed for SAS/Access? What SAS version, OS where installed, running SAS local or remote to a server machine, and share SAS code (preferably in the SAS-generated log) you are executing.

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Re: Access to XLS and DBF files

I have got SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC Software,SAS/ACCESS Interface to ORACLE Software,SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files Software

SAS ver 9.1.3 - Win XP

Running local and signed on to Sas on Unix machine

I search to access and modify a dbf database
Now I use this code, it works, but I search some more efficient code

proc access dbms=dbf;
/* create access descriptor */
create work.tab18_01.access;
list all;
create work.tab18_02.view;
select all;

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