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9.3 Filename FTP issue

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9.3 Filename FTP issue

My office are currently upgrading from SAS 9.1 to SAS 9.3. I'm having an issue posting a .csv file to an FTP site using the code below. When using 9.1 everything works perfectly, but on 9.3 the .csv file is posted to the FTP site but remains empty, the data is not printed into the file and the program continues runnig perpetually even though the data set being tested is incredibly small. 


From what I can tell everything works right up until the proc print statement. Has anyone seen this issue before or have any idea how I might resolve it?


Thanks for your help in advance. 


data test;
input  v1 $5. v2 v3 date9.;
Test1 1 01JAN2001
Test2 2 02FEB2002
Test3 3 03MAR2003
Test4 4 04APR2004
Test5 5 05MAY2005

filename myftp ftp "/WEB_TEMP/Test/Test_30OCT2015.csv"
	host= "host"
	user= "user"
	pass= "password";

ods listing close;
ods csv file=myftp;

Proc Print Data= test noobs;
var v1 v2 v3;

ods csv close;
ods listing;

filename myftp clear;



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Re: 9.3 Filename FTP issue

Try testing just the FTP by itself without ODS. Does it give you the same result?

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Re: 9.3 Filename FTP issue

Hi SASKiwi,


Thanks for the reply. I have tested the code without ODS and I get the same result. I suspect it's not actually a coding error but possibly an issue with 9.3 itself or some of the behind-the-scenes working that I'm not too clued up on. 


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