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What’s New in 9.4 for Foundation

by SAS Employee CJ_SAS on ‎03-14-2017 01:07 PM - edited Tuesday by Community Manager (1,002 Views)



Did you miss the Ask the Expert session on What’s New in SAS 9.4 Foundation? Not to worry, you can catch it on-demand at your leisure.

Watch the webinar

The session covers enhancements to SAS 9.4 that have improved Base SAS, SAS/GRAPH®, SAS/Access to PC File Formats and SAS Studio. 


Join us for this webinar as we discuss how SAS 9.4 will:

  • Give you more ways to report and output data.
  • Simplify how to remove unauthorized access.
  • Make programming easier with modern coding syntax.

Here’s a transcript of the Q&A segment held at the end of the session for ease of reference.


Do you need SAS/Access to PC File Formats to use ODS Excel?



No. This functionality is part of Base SAS and is available for version 9.4 Maintenance release 3.


Can the JSON LIBNAME statement help the programmers to convert JSON files to SAS datasets?



Yes.  Please note that this functionality became available with Maintenance release 4 of version 9.4.  Please see this blog and this support page for more information.


Are there plans to add NEWFILE=YES for the XLSX engine in addition to the EXCEL engine? ­ 


A suggestion has been added for this functionality


How do you access SAS Studio? Do you need a web server?



You access SAS Studio from a web browser. The way in which SAS Studio is implemented dictates whether a web server is required.  Please see this link for more info:


Are there any plans for enabling ODS HTML output to be named with #BYVAL + unique digit syntax, rather than the current static basename + digit?



We support the #BYVAL on the titles, labels, and the ANCHOR= but not the filename. There are no plans to add this for the FILENAME statement. 


Where can we find help documents for DS2, FEDSQL & Hadoop?­


What’s New Documentation for these products can be found in the following location. Additional documentation is available through embedded links.


Is there a separate license fee for SAS studio?



No, it is included with Base SAS­ if you are running version 9.4.


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