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SAS Visual Analytics: What’s New with 7.4 (webinar recording and Q&A now posted)

by SAS Employee TedStolarczyk ‎06-12-2017 10:57 AM - edited ‎09-26-2017 03:47 PM (1,448 Views)

Updated 9/26/17 ... on-demand link has replaced the June recording with the September recording.

Slides (in PDF format) has replaced the June version with the September version.


Q&A from September session not already asked in June session (already detailed in original posting below) ...


Q1 of 3: In the custom polygon program examples you demoed, your 1st example created all U.S. Counties and the 2nd one pre-filtered out just North Carolina counties.  Can you instead use the full counties map in Design View, and filter for specific counties on the filter tab on the right?


A: Yes,  though it would render everything in polygon data file 1st keep in mind (if you wanted to go the filter on right route).




Q2 of 3: Are all VA 8.x versions cloud based? How about if we want an in-house server still for these versions?


A: SAS Viya does not require a true cloud environment.  It most certainly can be installed on an in house server.




Q3 of 3: What is the release date of VA 8.2?


A: By year end this year.




Updated 9/18/17 ... A repeat live version of this webinar will be presented this Friday 9/22 ... registration for it can be found here.


Did you miss the Ask the Expert session on What’s New with SAS® Visual Analytics™ 7.4?  Not to worry, you can catch it on-demand here at your leisure.


The webinar highlighted five key release themes:

  1. HTML5 (Modern) Viewer
  2. Dynamic Text
  3. Calculations & Aggregations
  4. Prompts & Parameters
  5. Print to PDF

It also covered some miscellaneous/other topics including custom maps - a popular topic of interest!


I have added the Q&A from the session below and attached you will find the slides:

(note ... if a Q&A was asked that's already covered in the slides, find them in the slides instead)


Q1 of 10: Is there anything new with SAS Visual Analytics Explorer, the Hub or Visual Data Builder with version 7.4?­


A: New features within this particular release are intentionally limited to Reporting functions.



Q2 of 10: Is there a change in System Requirements with version 7.4 compared to version 7.3?­


A: System Requirements are identical except for Distributed (MPP) configuration of SAS VA.  Post initial release of SAS VA 7.3, and prior to release of SAS VA 7.4, when SAS 9.4 M4 was released, SAS no longer re-distributes a copy of Apache Hadoop within the SAS Software Depot.  Customers must now acquire and implement Hadoop (if applicable), as a pre-requisite for your SAS software (any, not just SAS VA).  SAS support of Hadoop details can be found here.



Q3 of 10: Now that SAS has version 7.x releases and 8.x releases, how does that impact SAS Tech Support policies?­


A: SAS Tech Support policy (which was recently updated) for current and prior releases of Visual Analytics can be found here.



Q4 of 10: If the plan is for version 8.2 to hopefully match and surpass 7.4 functionality, when is 8.2 due out?­


A: By year end ... subject to change.



Q5 of 10: Can a PDF footer be specific for each team? For example, team1 has team1's footer, team2 has team2's footer, etc.?­


A: PDF footer is a system wide configuration at this time for custom footers.



Q6 of 10: I realize this is not a new topic, but where can I learn more about Calculated items and Aggregated measures within SAS Visual Analytics.?­


A: click here to view the public webinar recording of this topic



Q7 of 10: I see you are using Chrome browser for your demo.  We are using IE and it is 3 to 4 times slower than Chrome. Why is that?­


A: IE is 32bit and Chrome is 64bit that's why there could be performance issues more so in IE compared to Chrome.



Q8 of 10: What about MS-Edge browser than since it's 64-bit (particularly when running under Windows 10)?­


A: The Microsoft Edge browser is not supported at this time.  We are currently working on support for this (exact dateTBD).



Q9 of 10: Can the "fix" for custom geo shapes be applied in the same way to 7.3 (e.g. NC Counties) or is that just a 7.4 solution?


A: This new feature as its been designed, documented and supported by Tech Support applies to 7.4 only at this time.



Q10 of 10: So then when will 7.4 be available?


A: SAS Visual Analytics 7.4 is already available.  Enjoy!