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SAS Visual Analytics: An Intro to Custom Calculations and Aggregations

by SAS Employee ShannonMoore on ‎07-03-2017 06:18 PM - edited Monday by Community Manager (878 Views)



Did you miss the Ask the Expert session on SAS Visual Analytics: An Introduction to Custom Calculations and Aggregations?  Not to worry, you can catch it on demand at your leisure. I’ve attached the slides as well.


Watch the webinar


Join this webinar to learn how SAS Visual Analytics enables you to calculate new data items from your existing data items using an expression builder.

In addition to learning how to perform mathematical calculations on numeric values, we’ll explore how you can use calculated data items to create date and time values.


Here are some highlighted questions from the Q&A segment held at the end of the session for ease of reference.


­Shannon mentioned that this is akin to a 102-level course (great analogy). For those of us who are complete beginners, can you recommend a good 101-level course to start our journey?­


­Hi David, I encourage you to watch the whole presentation and then let me know if you still feel like you need an 101 for this topic. Most people find it helpful to watch this presentation again on demand to make sure they are doing the same task seen here­.  There are Getting Started AtE sessions for both Visual Analytics and Visual Statistics.  There are also "how to" videos available on


­What is the difference between a calculated item and a custom category?­


­A calculated item is what Shannon is demonstrating now. It's a new item generated with a calculation. A custom category allows you to assign a label to groups of values.  For the variable STATE, you would use custom category to create a variable Region.  ­You could assign all eastern states to the value "East" under the new REGIONS variable.


­If due to an issue with LASR server or any other reason, if the customizations are lost on the existing reports, is there a way to retrieve it? Is there any code saved in the backend that can be used to recreate the reports?­


A: ­If you have saved the report (which I highly recommend doing every few minutes or so) during your session, you could reload that saved report.  There is no code generated that you could use to reload.  Also, you might want to check with Tech support about retrieving lost reports.


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