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SAS Visual Analytics 7.4: Tips and Tricks

by SAS Employee ShannonMoore on ‎08-04-2017 07:11 PM - edited yesterday by Community Manager (2,572 Views)

Did you miss the Ask the Expert session on SAS Visual Analytics 7.4: Tips and Tricks? Not to worry, you can catch it on-demand at your leisure. 


Watch the webinar


This session will provide you with options, methods and best practices when using SAS Visual Analytics for data exploration and report design.

Learn how to:

  • Design and publish BI reports and dashboards.
  • Explore data through interactive data visualization.
  • Discover insights from any size and type of data.


Here are some highlighted questions from the Q&A segment held at the end of the session for ease of reference.



Can you do something using Rank?­


Thank you for your question. I don't think we will have time to show you in this live presentation.­  You can go to Ranks tab on the far right pane and create ranks by dragging and dropping categories on the ranks pane.  You can also add Ranks in the Designer.  Please refer to the documentation


How do you merge two explorations?  For example, if one person saved an exploration and you want to use one of their visualizations with yours so that you can link them in a report. 


If you had access to the Exploration, you could copy the entire Exploration and then edit/add to it.  I do not know of a way you can copy specific visualizations from one exploration to another.  You could also use report linking.


Do a session just on geo maps. Go into more detail. Different types of maps. How to load your own geographies.


This is a good suggestion that we will take under advisement.  I may build this on Visual Analytics 8.2 (expected later this year) as there is more functionality and even tighter integration with ESRI.


Could you do a presentation on creating the objects with actionable results in mind?  Essentially, what is this data telling me.


Another good suggestion.  We will look into more of a ‘story’ based demo.


I would like to see a presentation that gives more of the tips and specifically the tricky things to do in SAS VA and mostly the report designer.


I suggest looking into the other Ask the Expert sessions utilizing Visual Analytics.  There is a lot of content using both the Explorer and Designer.


Thought this was going to be more about what's new in 7.4. Must have misunderstood the session description.


There is a new Ask the Expert session that is what’s new in 7.4 coming up on September 22nd.


Would like to see statistical Business Analyst topics, predictive modeling and data mining.


I suggest looking into the other Ask the Expert sessions using Visual Analytics, SAS Viya and SAS 9.4 technologies.



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