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Tourmaline | Level 20

Hello @Sas Press, Latest edition of some books missing in Safari online e-library?


It seems some books haven't been loaded on Safarionline however is available for sale on


For instance, 

PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS®, "Third Edition"

By Kirk Paul Lafler


is missing. I am only getting the following results.

PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS, Second Edition, 2nd Edition

PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS, Second Edition, 2nd Edition

By: Kirk Paul Lafler

Publisher: SAS Institute

Publication Date: 29-OCT-2013

Insert Date: 06-JUN-2015

Table of Contents • Start Reading



PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS®

PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS®

By: Kirk Paul Lafler

Publisher: SAS Institute

Publication Date: 14-SEP-2004

Insert Date: 13-APR-2007

Table of Contents • Start Reading


I trust all books are being made available, so I am just trying to follow up and make sure I/We safari users have it all. Thank you!

SAS Employee

Yikes! Thank you for letting us know! These titles should be there and were when we first published - we will look into it straight away.



Publisher, SAS Press

Tourmaline | Level 20

Thank you very much Mam @Sian  for your prompt response. I am sorry for bothering you but I just can't live without material. 


I noticed there is something called published date and insert date. So perhaps the lag could cause a miss? 🙂


Older editions seem to be available for the most part, though I've become voracious reader only since last few months and have only checked books/authors that I am personally interested in, nonetheless your review of the set up on a whole would help clarify. 



Many thanks again! 


PS Please let me know if you want any more info from my side. Should it be specific, please feel free to email me. Thank you!

SAS Employee

We logged on to O’Reilly found all our titles. Safari links are redirecting to the site.  So you *could* have the old Safari link bookmarked and the content isn’t updating there?  I would suggest you try longing on from here:



Tourmaline | Level 20

I login to Safari as a DePaul University User i.e


From here 


Access to thousands of books, certification manuals, and articles from top software & technology publishers; also includes a number of business, management, and finance titles. 
Access note: Limited to 9 users at a time. If you receive an error message, all slots may be in use. Try again several minutes later.
Extent: Multidisciplinary

Hello, DePaul University User

Welcome to Safari Books Online

You are signed in to Safari Books Online, paid for and licensed by your academic or public library. You are accessing a Custom Safari Books Online Library that contains a subset of 38,225titles from Safari Books Online's overall content.

Safari Books Online is the premier on-demand digital library providing over 46512 technology, digital media, and business books and videos online to academic and library users. Individuals may access Safari Books Online's complete offering for a fee. Free trials are available.

If you are already a Safari Books Online subscriber and would like to access your individual paid account, click here to sign in.


That's pretty much it


SAS Employee

It looks like you are accessing a Custom Safari Books Online Library that contains a subset of 38,225 titles from Safari Books Online's overall content. It could be your library is not paying for the full subscription and so does not include our recent titles? I think you would need to talk to your library and request that they include the titles you need. 🙂


Tourmaline | Level 20

Oh is that what it is? hmm okay, I will do that. Thank you!

Quartz | Level 8
Hi Sian,

What about ""? Is it just me that can't reach it?



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