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Calcite | Level 5

Hello to all!

Simple background introduction: MA in political Science (unrelated field), only had 1 course in Statistics, only knew the basics in conducting social science research. 6 years in e-commerce professional field, had some experience in business management, purchase, merchandising and content marketing. Now I'm thinking about getting a SAS certificate to pursue a different career path, because i did like the analytical part of the business world.

Is this possible to get an entry level data analyst position after acquiring the certifications? Which one or ones should i get (given none related working or education experience)?

Thank you!

Opal | Level 21

I guess what's needed depends very much on geography and current economy/job market in your region.


If your goal is to get into analytics then - even though SAS is a major player - more important than technology/software skills is likely analytical and industry expertise and professional experience. How the mix needs to look like to land a job is something a recruiter is likely best placed to tell you. If you know where you want to be then I'd recommend you start to talk with recruiters for analytics jobs. They should be able to assess what's missing - if anything - for them to be able to "sell" you to a client.



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