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starting/stopping services on grid

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starting/stopping services on grid

Hello friends, 


we are running sas 9.4 with Linux and have 16 nodes. wanted to know if we need to start/stop services, do we need to start/stop metadata/ object spawner/ the begining before we start/stop daemons like lim/res?


Can someone please help with sequence for desktop and web-applications espcially when running on GRID? 





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Re: starting/stopping services on grid

I think you should consider your grid as other systems with dependencies. I can give you the order and I will, but I am sure someone at your organisation has some documentation about those dependencies. Probably
even an operational document with the full process described. Please ensure your back with some documentation and preparation.

Answering your question and in short:
1. Start 3rd party software: lsf/grid, databases, schedulers, mounts, etc
2. Start Metadata
3. Start compute: connect, object spanners, dip, cache locator...
4. Start middle tier: cache locator, http, jms, web apps, évm....

Hope this solves your question. Otherwise, please Google on for SAS start services.

Best regards,
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Re: starting/stopping services on grid

Thank you JuanS, this would help...

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Re: starting/stopping services on grid

My question is, if in a grid environment, should we start the compute node which hosts the SAS Grid Manager Control Server before other compute nodes ?

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