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Hi Friends,

I was trying to install sas 9.3 in Centos Linux server but when i run the ./ file i'm not getting the sas wizzad.


Preparing the SAS Deployment Wizard...

Launching the SAS Deployment Wizard...

Ie:- set the xclient, set the java home path.

Can any one please help me.

Many Thanks,

Kanamarlapudi suman reddy

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Re: file is not working

You should read the prerequisites section of you install, you are probably missing a bunch of required x libraries.  Page 5 of the link below:

You should also note that CentOS is not a SAS supported Linux flavor, it will still work though.

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Re: file is not working

Thanks Frie Smiley Happy, Centos 6.3 and 6.5 is supported to 9.3 and 9.4 and centos is nothing but redhat.

If you have any idea what is the library's can you please help me out.


Kanamarlapudi suman reddy         

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Re: file is not working

Yes, CentOS is basically binary compliant with RHEL, however, that doesn't make it RHEL.  The officially supported Linux OS for 9.3 are SuSE SLES 10/11, RHEL 5/6, and Oracle Linux 5.5/6 (Which is also basically RHEL).  You can view that list here: SAS Supported Operating Systems

As for the list of what libraries you are missing, as I mentioned in the previous post, they are listed on page 5 of the document I linked, also below:

If you are using 64-bit Linux, then you need 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the following libraries/packages:




(there are possibly others as the lists provided assume you are using a officially supported OS, and no matter how similar, there are always differences among flavors of Linux)

Also possibly these:

compat-libstdc++-33-3.2.3-61 (This is a RHEL5 package for unicode support, not sure what is applicable for your version of CentOS)

glibc 2.4

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