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sas server management

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sas server management

Dear all,


I have been working on a project for the past few months which involved in gathering reports from 20 different countries (10 reports each approx) vis share point and importing, converting, calculating them in sas directly and the uploading the output file for each country in sharepoint location directly. 


I have created 20 programs for each country in my EG (5.1) project and trigget the code manually as soon as the inputs are available.


Now, I need to deploy thos project to the support team so that they can run the codes going forward. We run the codes on local as we do not have any server set up. We have base sas and eg installed inour machines, we code and we run thats waht happened till now, But I want to change this. i want to build a server that grants access levels to support and dev according to their need. and this also helps in tracking if some one modifies anything in teh code. I want to create jobs for each program and deploy them, schedule them so that they can trigger automatically.


please help in designing all this by choosing the right softwares that i need to use (UNIX or Platform manager or DI Studio, SMC). i am new to this please advise.



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Re: sas server management

The best advice I can give is to contact your nearest SAS office and discuss your requirements with your SAS account manager. He (or she) will be able to draw on the right technical expertise to scope your business and technical requirements fully. Getting expert advice is the key to success, particularly from SAS architectural and installation specialists.


Trying to progress this via a community posting is pretty much an impossibility, except to point you at helpful documentation and to answer much more specific questions.


Having said that, you are heading down the right path by exploring a server-based solution which is much more reliable and resilient than what you have now.

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Re: sas server management

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Since you're new to this, you will need the assistance of your local SAS people anyway. If I hadn't had experience with installing SAS back from 6.12, I wouldn't have done something as complicated as a 9.4 BI server setup on my own.


Get in touch with yopur local SAS representatives so that they can help you in designing your setup.


Be aware that they will want to sell you nice things you probably don't need (at least at the moment). Like ACCESS to all databases employed worldwide in your organizations, when in fact it's easier to have flat files sent for import.

Or a full Visual Analytics setup while a few roll-your-own web reports are all you need.

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Re: sas server management

Hello @don21,


It seems to me as what might help you is a proper assessment of your current work, and, based on it, an advise/options to go for in the future.


I would like to strongly recommend you to contact your SAS Account Manager, to address the collection of the information of your processes and provide you the right advise.


We can give you informal advise, but it is very hard to provide the proper advise just with a few words and not giving a look to your processes (anyway, thank you for your explanation).


Just to give you an example of why it is important the right advise, I would like to share with you my thoughts after reading your requirements:


I can think on a few options: maybe just a SAS BI server is enough, then you can continue programming on EG, re use it as si, and provide reports on html. pdf or even web report studio, as you do now. But perhaps also you might need SAS Enterprise BI Server, to provide reports through portal. Or perhaps you would like to really impress with your reports, thanks to SAS Visual Analytics, and its high performance and astonishing graphical interface, that also allows easier report creations.


As you see, I only mentioned a few options, and each has got its own pros and cons. Not easy to evaluate which ones might fit better to your real needs, whiout knowing better your work, your organisation, your budget, etc.


Hope it helps.


Kind regards,


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Re: sas server management

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Dear all,


Thank you for the suggestions, since we do not have a sas admin team or sas manager in our org, I will make a call to sas India today and explain the requirement to them. may be they might provide further guidance. Thanks again!!



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