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sas-grid batch Job status in a table format

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sas-grid batch Job status in a table format


I am willing to create a Dashboard in which I need to capture the Job running status of Batch Jobs?


In our setup we have IBM process Manager to check the flow, but I am not sure if we can read its back end data in a table format.

Please guide..




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Re: sas-grid batch Job status in a table format

Hi Manny,


I have done some work on reading in some of the process manager and lsf status files. These are event based so you would have to do some work to transform a series of events to a current state. The files I found interesting and still comprehensible are $LSFTOP/work/dna_cluster/logdir/, $LSFTOP/work/dna_cluster/logdir/lsb.acct and $JSTOP/work/history/history.log. They are all easy prey for a datastep. 


IBM has documented them in their knowledge center:


A more ready made approach would be to use the EOM DI Monitor. This is a web application that helps you monitor the SAS batch jobs in LSF. This is an open source development by EOM. Get in touch with Bart Heinsius for details. We use it to great satisfaction.


Hope this helps,

-- Jan

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Re: sas-grid batch Job status in a table format

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Hi @Manny3,

I read in the reply by @jklaverstijn that he mentioned the EOM Job Monitor.

If you would like to read up on this you will find more information on github.


To get an impression, there is a video (of an earlier version of the product) on YouTube.


Kind regards,



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