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sas general servers replica

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sas general servers replica


We have our SAS software installed on UNIX platform.

As you know external users who have windows accounts can access the sas tables, if they are part of the group "SAS general servers(sassrv)". Otherwise, one should hold host accounts. To conclude, one can access sas tables if they have either unix account or part of the group SAS genral servers.

I manage to create new group named "SAS test server(sastst)" like "SAS general servers". And then added new member who has winodws credentials only to the group "SAS test server". Also, added the account details accordingly, but I have complexities in making it work.

Would you be able to say, how could I create new group similar to "SAS general servers" and the authentication domain?

I amn't able to to map the newly created authenitcation domain to the unix credentials sastst. If you can help me out with this, my issue will get resolved.

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Re: sas general servers replica

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forget sas general servers. please put in simple words, what do you want to do?

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