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metadata cluster

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metadata cluster

(A)In metadata clustered server all the nodes can access?

1)Journal files.

2)Log files.

3)Configuration Directory.


(B)Format for changing the backup schedule to weekday:wednesday and time to 1 am?


(C)When is one or more outbound logins are required?


(D)Which servers are used for Export and import packages for promotions 



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Re: metadata cluster

In a metadata cluster all nodes nbeed access to their own private config, jourmal and log locations. They need to share a metadata backup directory for the purpose of restoring, recovering and syncing. So that location should be on a NFS (less recommended), Windows share (less recommended) or some form of plarallell shared filesystem (recommended). NFS and the like are documented as a valid approach but we have seen more issues in recovering nodes, loosing quorum etc.


You can change the backup schedule in the SAS Management Console. See Modifying the Metadata Server Backup Schedule.


Outbound logins are required when you want to use stored credentials to access external resources that require authentication. Use thye authdomain mechanism in this case.


For metadata import and export you can use clients such as management console or Data Integration Studio. Possibly SAS will need to start a workspace server to gather information or update stuff but that would depend on the type of metadata you im/-export. Also the content server can be involved to supply or store data from a package.


Please elaborate on your situation / challenge if you need more detailed and to-the-point info.

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Re: metadata cluster

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I'd like to add on a bit information:


For general information and details on Metadata Server cluster, please see:


Answers to your questions:


Each metadata server has its own configuration and journal file. They act as one metadata server, but still use their
own journal file, config file and log files/log file location.

You can view the log files either by looking at the files itself in the metadata server log location (depending on how
you configured it during the install/configuration, the log files are either located in \config path ... \Lev1\Logs or

\config path ... \Lev1\SASMeta\MetadataServer\Logs). Alternatively, you can use SASMC to view your metadata
server log files.

See for details.


The backup location has to exist on a network/file system that can be accessed by all of the cluster machines.




There are different ways to change the backup schedule. Either, as described earlier, via SAS Management

Console, or, you can also change the schedule via SAS Environment Manager, Administration page.



An outbound login is a login that "goes out of SAS" (rather an unconventional way to put it :-) ), meaning, it is a login used for accessing a third party/DBMS.

You can access DBMS either with individual accounts, or,  a shared accounts.

for further details on how logins are used


EXPORT/IMPORT (aka Promotion)

The export / import is being done via SAS Management Console or DI Studio in the SAS FOLDERS tab, or, in batch.

Details about exporting and importing metadata can be found here:


Hope that helps.


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