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long running job

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long running job

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please help...


We are struglling to improve performance for our production job, please help. 


We started running many more jobs into produciton than before and few jobs which were used to run for ~ 2 hours started running for 6 hours and somtime even for 8 or 9 hours. I looked log in details and found that especially few SAS step like PROC EXPAND taking much more time to get complete than before. 


Below is the resource difference where PROC EXPAND step has difference in reource used for same job.

test_a = when job was running for ~2 hours and we had few produciton jobs

test_b = when we added more jobs into production and job started running longer

test_c = when we tested job on different server when no other job running


I found PROC EXPAND step using same resources except "real time", "page faults" and "page reclaims". 


Any work around?




Resources test_A test_B test_C
real time    20:20.93 1:30:02.21 50:20.38
user cpu time (seconds) 44.42 48.91 45.04
system cpu time   (seconds) 48.97 52.97 36.92
memory (k) 565.28k 574.78k 574.78k
OS Memory  (k) 14196.00k 14196.00k 14196.00k
Page Faults         586 1139 634
Page Reclaims      0 968 4
Page Swaps      0 0 0
Voluntary Context Switches  327905 330321 327988
Involuntary Context Switches   25059 14045 5942
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Re: long running job

You need to do more investigation to find the cause or causes for the jobs' slowness. You need to monitor the performance of your SAS Application server while these jobs are running. The best tool to use for this is SAS Environment Manager. Other tools can also be useful for example Windows Task Manager, Perfmon and so on.


The most likely causes for your slowness are either IO limitations or CPU usage reaching close to 100%. Monitoring the server performance will allow you to identify the bottlenecks. 

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Re: long running job

From the stats you sent in, your computer system is bottlenecked on a computer resource (IO, CPU or memory).  You need to monitor your computer system with a hardware monitor tool (like IBM's nmon or Microsoft's PerfMon).  Papers on how to use these tools can be found on this SAS Usage Note  


Let us know if you want help reviewing the monitor data.



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