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load sas data from Di directly to LASR

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load sas data from Di directly to LASR



We are testing if it is possible to load directly from sas data in DI(which is hosted on a separate server) to LASR memory on SAS Visual Analytics.


What are the steps for setting it up? we are running VA 7.3 and SAS BI server 9.4M3 all on windows and non-distributed.


We have tried to define a new server context and a worksspaceserver on the BI server which point to the VA server.


But we run into problems as:


A. When we try to make a library which points to SAS VA:



NOTE: The autoexec file, E:\SAS\Config\Lev1\SASApp\WorkspaceServer\, was executed at server initialization.

1          LIBNAME TESTLASR SASIOLA  TAG=hps  PORT=10011 SIGNER="http://mybiserver:80/SASLASRAuthorization"

1        ! HOST="mysasvaserver" ;

ERROR: The LASR Analytic Server on 'mysasvaserver', port 10011 is running on a host platform that is not supported by

       your SAS client platform.

ERROR: Libref TESTLASR is not assigned.

ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.


B. When we try to make a library which use the new SASapp poiting to SAS VA:


The application could not log on to the server ‘myVAserver:8591’. The server configuration is invalid.


Only clues on how we can proceed???


Thanks in advance.



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Re: load sas data from Di directly to LASR

Unfortunately what you are trying isn't possible as you are running non-distributed on Windows. These are the limitations:


You can use SAS/CONNECT if you have that available to you.

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