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language choice is preventing silent (un)install

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language choice is preventing silent (un)install

I'm trying to silently uninstall an older version of SAS 9.4.  I can build a response file, but when I run:


"C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASDeploymentManager\9.4\sasdm.exe" -uninstall -quiet -wait -responsefile c:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\


It never finishes and doesn't even take any processor/disk time.  If I run it with -partialprompt instead of -quiet, the only question it asks is about what language to use. I have to assume that the -quiet install is waiting (silently and hidden) at that prompt.


The question about language definately came up when I was creating the response file (with -record).


Is there a way to force the language on the command line or modify the response file so it doesn't ask?



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Re: language choice is preventing silent (un)install

Waiting for an answer, I started playing around with "silent" installs.  They don't work either!  What is the point of the Automating the SAS Installation on Multiple Machines documentation if it is not automatic?


I dutifully walk through the -record option selecting the install that I want.  When I try to play back the install, using the -quiet switch, it stalls.  I get questions about language, and confirmation of the license (just confirmation, it already knows the correct path), and more questions about language, and a couple more questions.  It is definately reading the answer file because I am not asked for which components to install.


Please, can anyone shed light on how to silently install SAS (Foundation)?



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Re: language choice is preventing silent (un)install

Note the doc reference you provided was for 9.2, but you should be using the 9.4 doc (based on your initial post).  You'll find that here:


Note that there is no "-uninstall" option to use when running the SAS Deployment Manager in -quiet mode.  You just specify -quiet and your -responsefile.  Alternatively, you can specify -quiet -uninstallall in order to quietly uninstall all products.


More information on quietly installing (or uninstalling) can be found in the SAS Deployment Wizard and SAS Deployment Manager 9.4 User's Guide here:


If you continue to have trouble playing back a captured response file using the syntax described there, I suggest you open a track with Tech Support to help you diagnose the issue.


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Re: language choice is preventing silent (un)install

I have the same issue with the install process.  In silent mode, it still asks for language in which to view the sAS deployment wizard.

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Re: language choice is preventing silent (un)install

Not on my SAS servers now but IIRC atleast on Unix -servers there is the lang -command line option. Giving "-lang en" should make installation fully autonomous.

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