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Hi team,


I'm busy upgrading SAS Visual Analytics from M2 to M4 on a standalone Windows 2012 instance.


The software upgrade in the SDW went ok, but the config update in the SDM fails with...

" Unable to delete directory F:\SASVA_71\config\Lev1\Web\Staging\exploded\vfabrictcsvr_temp\\WEB-INF\lib"


I can create and delete the directory ok using Windows Explorer, but the SDM still complians. Plenty of disk space available.


Any ideas ? SAS support Track already logged.




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Re: Unable to delete directory

What user account are you using for the upgrade? This would normally be the SAS install account. If this is the case, check if the SAS install account has the permissions to delete the directory.

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Re: Unable to delete directory

Yes, using the SAS installer account and can create and delete the directory. The directory the SDM is complaining about, doesn't exist. So maybe it more that, rather than permissions. 

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Re: Unable to delete directory

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You can and it will solve that specific issue, although I would expect you might find further similar messages.


Worth the try, and if you get additional messages of the same kind, probably the approach must be different (as exploding that specific web application or to contact SAS Technical Support)

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Re: Unable to delete directory

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Yes, sure I saw it with other files too, so probably a bigger issue..
Thanks for the ideas. 

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