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how to control local workspace server configuration?

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how to control local workspace server configuration?

For testing purposes I have installed SAS 9.3 on my Windows 7 64-bit workstation together with Enterprise Guide 5.1.

I've configured the traditional SAS session on my workstation by adding my own configuration and autoexec files to the SAS initialization process. This is familiar to me and it works.

A typical change is the addition of a macro library to the SASAUTOS option.

But ... that works only for a SAS DM session on my workstation, not when I submit a program from Enterprise Guide. Judging from the results the local workspace server ignores the traditional configuration changes I've made.

I have no need for a connection profile in the local EG installation even though we also have a SAS server, but that I like to keep out of this equation. That SAS server is meant to be used with it's own EG front-end (running on a Citrix machine) for all other SAS users in this institute.

On the installation with EG running on a Citrix server and the separate SAS server I now know where to find the configuration and autoexec files that one is allowed to change to make the workspace server behave the way we want (=as much as possible like it used to be). Those files have 'usermods' in their name. It works ... although only for the Workspace server, but that is a different issue.

My question is: what files do I need to change to make the LOCAL WORKSPACE SERVER (on my own workstation) find my autocall macros, set environment variables and do other things I imagine are neat to have and set up?

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Re: how to control local workspace server configuration?

Are you trying to connect in EG to 'Local'?  If so, it will just look for the local install of SAS.  By installing SAS 9.3 Foundation and EGuide you have made your machine a SAS Server.  Try creating a connection profile to either localhost:8561 or your machine name:8561

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Re: how to control local workspace server configuration?

Sorry, but I tried to reply two times and lost all I had written both times. I don't know what made it do that.

Anyway, I can't use a profile. It needs Metadata server. I don't have that and I don't want it on my workstation its's too much to handle.

I just need to know what config files are used by the local server when used from EG and where to find them ...

Sorry, I'm tired of writing two replies and loosing them.

(I also had to change browsers to make the reply button work at all. In IE it doesn't work, not here at least and no link to web page support to report the problem)

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Re: how to control local workspace server configuration?

Cameron's question is really important. In your Enterprise Guide, use "View | Server List" to open the server window. You'll see something that looks like this:


The "Local" server is the only one that will use your local SAS installation. If you are using anything else, you're using a remote server so your local configuration settings won't affect it.

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Re: how to control local workspace server configuration?

Hi, Thanks for replying so quickly! I can see your continent has awoken and has gone to work ;-) whereas we are already descending into the weekend ;-)

I am using the Local Server (~SAS on my own workstation) and it is the server I wish to use, but I need to tell it where to find my autocall macros and apply other configuration options ... I just don't know where to find the config files for the local WORKSPACE server (they are not the same as for a DM SAS session on my workstation). If I find those files I know what to do from there ... I think. If uncertain, make a change and see what it does. But first I need to find the config/autoexec files to apply the changes to.

I'm not interested in using the 'corporate' SAS server from my workstation's EG session. It may be possible, if not thwarted by IT policies, but it's not my intention to do so. Maybe as an alternative in some future ...

Have a nice weekend!

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Re: how to control local workspace server configuration?

Have you found the usermod-files in levx submaps?

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