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finding sas web servers

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finding sas web servers

We are running on grid (linux) with 9.4. we have multiple sas web applicaitons and under .../web/config/Lev1/Web/WebAppServer i see all below web app servers, how to confirm what app is tied with specific server? like sasserver1_1 is for sas studio or sas e-miner or so.









also, when i restart these servers it takes a lot of time to start, any workarround?


thank you....

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Re: finding sas web servers



Your deployment might not use all of the SAS Web Application Server assignments described in this table, which means that your deployment might have some non-sequential numbering of the SASServers. SAS has chosen the default assignments to help balance workload and manage the run-time parameters. Changing the default SASServer names and numbers is not recommended.


SASServer 1 - SAS Business Intelligence
SASServer 2 - Tools
SASServer 3 - Performance management solutions (general)
SASServer 4 - Performance management solutions (OLAP)
SASServer 5 - Performance management solutions (financial)
SASServer 6 - Customer intelligence solutions
SASServer 7 - Decision management solutions
SASServer 8 - Risk management, fraud & security intelligence solutions
SASServer 9 - Performance management solutions (cost & profitability)
SASServer 10 - Performance management (IT resource management)
SASServer 11 - Various products (middle-tier support)
SASServer 12 - Analytics (including SAS Visual Analytics & SAS Visual Statistics)
SASServer 13 - Data management solutions
SASServer 14 - Platform web services for SAS (Job Scheduler, LSF)
SASServer 15 - Data management solutions (SAS Data Loader)


More details in Appendix 2 - SAS Web Application Server Assignments of SAS® 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Web Applicati...

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Re: finding sas web servers

Hi @woo

you can just check the contents of war files deployed under the directory .../SASServerX_X/sas_Webapps to determine which server cater to which applications.

Usually the startup time can be tweaked by changing few options which is only recommended to do with help of technical support, if required as it can break wep apps.

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Re: finding sas web servers

Hello @woo,


You are working with a GRID environment, and I can already see that every SAS WebApp server is on a cluster with multiplier 2 (X_1 and X_2).


The main reason why your web servers take time to be started is basically due to the cluster configuration. Quality (by reducing total downtime, thanks to the cluster) requires some initial time. 


In other hand, there are some ways to "boost" the speed of total time getting UP for the SAS Web services:


  1. You probably use the SAs script to manage the start and stop of the Middle tier, as on most of SAS GRID environment, to help the SAS services to start and stop in the proper order. Again, this script is slower, because of the reason mentioned above: quality. This script won;t start the next SASServer until the previous one is fully started. Which is not a technical requirement/per-se, but it would prevent a lot of annoying errors in your logs and will ensure 100% everything starts properly
    1. - If you start each service manually, by the simple procedure to start first SASServer1_1, and once this one is started, all the other ones, you will experience that the total time to start every service will be shorter. Therefore, you could create your own script to manage the start and stop the services.
    2. This option, of course, has a CON: you will have a lot of errors in your logs (not always approved in every company) and you might have a small risk that some services won't start OK.
  2. The other option, is the one mentioned by @Anand_V, you can define to your SAS Web servers to not start some unnecesary applications, or even to not start some of the SAS Web servers. I subscribe myself to the recommendation to do this only with consultation with SAS Technical Support.
    1. If you are wondering how to say a SAS Web Server to not deploy/start a web application, you would need to go to the \LevX\Web\WebAppServer\SASServerX_1\conf\Catalina\localhost folders and move the xmls of the web applications you don't want to start, to another safe location. Have always a backup when you do modifications.



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