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dash board to monitor all the running jobs

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dash board to monitor all the running jobs

Hi, is there any monitoring tool like a dashboard developed to monitor all the running sas webservices.


Thank you

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Re: dash board to monitor all the running jobs


I feel limited in how to answer this.

Can you provide details as to what environment you have SAS running on and what SAS products you have access to?


There are a variety of ways to observe active SAS jobs. Some within SAS and some at the server level.

I'm not sure if your on UNIX, Windows (servers).


So fwiw - on Unix here in a sas server environ - i usually lurk at activity with a standard htop.

sometimes - given specific conditions i'll kick up an iostat to check things.

We have numerous users hitting the server with a variety of SAS jobs.

We havent needed more dashboarding.  We dont have web analytics working.


If we got to that stage or level - we would likely look at some SAS solutions for that if the SAS Management Console didnt suffice.




zeke torres

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Re: dash board to monitor all the running jobs

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Hi Zeke,


Thanks for the response. we are on unix. we use lots of webservices to run our sas programs. most of the times, we have to check through the whole log to make sure which program is running, how long its been running, whcih program failed, etc. like how we have moniroing tool for lsf jobs, i would like to know if there is something available for webservices



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Re: dash board to monitor all the running jobs

Take a look at SAS Environment Manager.
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Re: dash board to monitor all the running jobs

It depends which ones :


1. so called "platform" or infrastructure services like Metadata server, Midtier Web AppServer etc.




2. user sessions which comprises : 


   2.1 . interactive sessions launched by a SAS PC client like SAS Enterprise Guide, Enterprise Miner, SAS Studio etc.


   2.2 interactive shared server sessions : Stored Process sessions, Web Report Studio, VA LASR sessions


or even


3. SAS batch sessions



For real-time monitoring and reporting as well of user & batchs sessions, UK based SAS partner Boemska has developed a promising tool named  ESM standing for Enterprise Session Monitor. Have a look :


Worth its price (not free but definitely worthy of attention !)


There is also some technical API provided by SAS. Chris Hemedinger from SAS has given a very useful sample code to display some kind of running sessions (2.1).


As mentioned previously, platform servers (case 1.) are monitored using SAS Environment Manager.



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Re: dash board to monitor all the running jobs



as mentioned in an earlier post, Environment Manager would be a good tool to provide you with the

information you are looking for.


Env Manager stores collected data in datamarts, and based on these datamarts - stored in postgres - you are able

to run a lot of different reports.


Take a look at the doc: 


Focus Area:


Environment Manager User's Guide:


Blogs on reporting:




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