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creating users in SMC

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creating users in SMC

i have created users in sas management console, but i got a problem. i'm unable to log in(it is showing an error(user name or password is incorrect)),(and its a linux server).

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Re: creating users in SMC

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Contact your Linux admin to verify that you enter this information correctly and that these users can be authenticated. Also read the SAS doc about authentication thoroughly.
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Re: creating users in SMC

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Hello @Ishwarkumar,


what kind of users and authentication are we speaking about? Since this is a Linux machine, we would need additional information such as:


- you registered internal (@saspw) or external users?

- Is your authentication Host Authetication?

- ON your Linux machine, do you have PAM?

- On your metadata server configuration, are you connecting against an AD or LDAP?

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