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create shp-file to SAS server

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create shp-file to SAS server



We have got request from our SAS VA user to create shp-file to SAS server to new folder /opt/sas/data/maps and provide him access to this. We have'nt done this earlier. Need help from SAS experts. We are uisng Linux servers. Could someone provide me detailed steps needs to be perfomred for this. 



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Re: create shp-file to SAS server

Are you talking about an Esri Shapefiles?  We can read those into SAS MVA with Proc MAPIMPORT and create a SAS Data Step. We cannot write them back out with SAS VA or SAS MVA.


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Re: create shp-file to SAS server

We have succesfully converted shp files to be used in SAS/VA with the help of this document.


It does provide a good guideline and points to keep in mind.

Do note that we had to perform certain steps on our compute tier (proc mapimport and proc greduce) since that is where we had these procedures available. Next we had to move the data to the VA server.


So yes it can be done but may need some tweaking on the steps as described in the document

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