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configure esri server

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configure esri server

I have configured ESRI server according to appendix A of "SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform Web Application Administration Guide".

** I created an"esriuser" in both SAS server (in sas level and window level) and ESRI server for connection between SAS and ESRI. I use another user to install ESRI rather than the "esriuser".

I create server and Map services succesfully in SAS Management Console.

It encounter "Unable to establish RPC Connection to DCOM SCM on ... (Bind returned Bind_NAK)" everytime I click  button "Test GIS Mappings" while creating a OLAP cube with GIS data in OLAP studio. Certainly, there is no GIS data shown in Web Report Studio.

My question is: Any SAS plug-in or software I should install? any SAS confgure parameter I should set in SAS level or window level ? or any parameter I should configure in ESRI server in Window level or ESRI level?

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Re: configure esri server

That sounds like a tech support question Smiley Happy

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Re: configure esri server



Anyone has SAS with ESRI connection experience?

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Re: configure esri server

I work with the ESRI map, and I have seen this error a few times.  It typically is a DCOM configuration issue on the ArcGIS server.  In most cases, ESRI support is able to help get the configuration setup correctly so that the DCOM communication works ok.

Feel free to contact SAS Technical Support, they can at minimum help narrow down the issue to be sure it is something that ESRI might be able to help you with.

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