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cannot see OLAP cube

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cannot see OLAP cube

Hello, we have

one user: user1

user1 created one cube: cube1 from olap cube studio using source cube: cube_ori

both cubes has same location: /usr/cubes at os level with 755 permission.

both cubes has same location from sas folder side: /Shared Data/SASApp - OLAP Schema/cubes


here, user1 can see cube1 and have all functionality enabled when right click on cube from olap cube studio but not have all functionality enabled for cube_ori


Additionally, even after both cube has same physical location at OS level only cube1 is visible and not cube_ori


difference I see from MC (Authorization Manager > Resource Management > By location > SASApp > SASApp - OLAP Schema) is

cube1 has ACEs (grey highlighted permission) granted for RM, WM, R for developers groups

cube_ori, has ACEs only for RM for developers group 


how can I make cube_ori visible to user at OS level as well as make all functionality enabled for cube cube_ori


Also, I tried providing WM + R explicitly (white background) access to developers but that is not making any difference,









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Re: cannot see OLAP cube

my bad, user now have full capability on that specific cube after I provided WM and R access. However, cube is not visible at OS level yet...

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