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Your opportunity for near real-time help in the admin community

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Your opportunity for near real-time help in the admin community

One of the things I learned during this year’s SAS Global Forum is that administrators crave information! I hope through this community and SUGA, we’re meeting some of your needs.


In order to try to offer you even more help, I’m opening up a Coaches Corner. What is a Coaches Corner? It’s a specified time where you, our community members, can ask questions and get near real-time responses from SAS employees. Think about like a professor’s office hours. We’ll be gathering online and in a conference room here in Cary, North Carolina to be ready to answer your questions as they come in to the community.


Date: Thursday, 16June

Time: 10:00am-11:00am ET


So start thinking of your burning administration and deployment questions. We’ll do our best to help. What can you do? Be prepared with as much information as possible…screen shots, code, error messages. Be sure to check out our tutorial on asking a good community question.


If this is successful, we’ll schedule more throughout the year.


Mark your calendars for 16June. We’ll see you then!

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