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Where to put JBoss?

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Where to put JBoss?

We have a two server SAS environment in which JBoss has been install but not running. We are upgrading to 9.3 and implementing Enterprise Miner client/server which will use JBoss. We expect to have 5 - 7 users of Miner so the usage will be light in the beginning but we do expect that to grow.  Where is the most efficient place to put JBoss given that we cannot have a third server for JBoss? Which pairing is best and why?

1. SAS Meta and JBoss on one box and SAS App on the other

2. SAS Meta and SAS App on one box and JBoss on the other

3. SAS Meta as standalone and SAS App and JBoss on the other

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Re: Where to put JBoss?

I would say the first. SAS App is your compute server and that's where your heavy computations will be; I would have that on its own.

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