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Pyrite | Level 9

Hi All,

I have SAS DI jobs and I would like to schedule the job by daily and weekly. Do we need any third party software to be schedule the jobs?. or I should copy the code and create a file in crontab on linux server and scheldue(this model is very problematic as every time we do modifications on etl and then again we need to copy the code and paste in a file and call it in shell script. )


please advice !

Here is the documentation on scheduling DI Studio jobs, you do not need a third party scheduler.

Overview of Scheduling for SAS Data Integration Studio
Greg Wootton | Principal Systems Technical Support Engineer
Tourmaline | Level 20

If you just have simple time dependencies/triggers, crontab will suffice.

But, you have an interface OotB in SAS Management Console, so you don't have to do the crontab management manually, and then you'll have "all" information within SAS metadata.

Data never sleeps
Pyrite | Level 9

will the platform suit is sas application? or sas workflow manager will be used as sas jobs schedulers?

Tourmaline | Level 20

The LSF Platform Suite is owned by IBM, but is can available to DI Server customer under an OEM license.

My notion is that SAS is trying to replacing this options with their own SAS Job Scheduler, which gives more functionality than the crontab/Windows Task options, but still a bit less than LSF Platform.


If you have mainly simple time triggers and not to much complicated job/job flow dependcies, you'll probably fine with host scheduler.

Data never sleeps
Pyrite | Level 9
We do have too many jobs to schedule currently we use crontab as this is manual process where as etl job code coping into then calling in shell script then schedule.(crontab)This is not as simple as lsf where as by using lsf user can schedule the admin can monitor the jobs.

Agree with others.  As a user, if you are on SAS9 EBI, I think the LSF tools provided and accessible via SMC are fine.  I'm no longer allowed to schedule jobs on our server.  But I can still create a job, and then deploy it for scheduling (which essentially writes a .sas file and/or a shell script to run the .sas file as a batch job).  And then I can put in a ticket for an admin to schedule it.


If you go the LSF route, one tip is to encourage your users to install Process Manager / Flow Manager locally.  It is an LSF desktop client that allows you to check status of flows, etc.  Very helpful for seeing "did that job run last night or is it hung, what are the dependencies in this flow, etc."  I didn't even know flow manager existed until I was lucky enough to hear about it at a conference.

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