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Welcome to SAS Deployment!

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Welcome to SAS Deployment!

We’ve received quite a few requests for a SAS Community for SAS Administrators, and as an initial response, we’ve created this SAS Deployment Community.  The intent of this forum is to cover anything and everything related to deploying SAS software.  Of course there’s much more to SAS administration (e.g., security, users and groups, backups, etc.), but we feel the potential deployment traffic alone justifies this focused forum.

Like any SAS Community, this forum is intended to be user-driven, but several subject matter experts in R&D and Technical Support will be monitoring discussions, and you may see us jumping in from time to time to provide additional perspective. 

I should reiterate the disclaimer that this forum is not a replacement for SAS Technical Support.  Questions and problems requiring immediate assistance should still be taken directly to them.  Of course if you get any answers which you find particularly insightful and applicable to others, by all means post them here!

I thank you all in advance for your participation.

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Welcome to SAS Deployment!

Hi Mark,

Thanks to you and the other SAS Communities administrators for setting up this new SAS Deployment forum.  It's great to have a home of our own now.  It was nice visiting the other SAS communities forums but it's good to have a space dedicated to admin related topics too.  I'm certainly looking forward to lots more SAS admin specific discussions here.



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Welcome to SAS Deployment!

Thanks for setting this up...



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Welcome to SAS Deployment!

Wahoo I finall yhave a place to lurk, thanks SAS community team!

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