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Wanted: SAS code for creating user groups

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Wanted: SAS code for creating user groups

I'm new to SAS deployment/administration...  So apologies if this discussion is misplaced...

I'm looking at deploying SAS 9.3.  As part of this I will be creating some generic ACT's via code (I already have working code for this).  I also want to create some User Groups.  I've had a look around various SAS sites and the web, but I cannot find any examples of user group creation.

Rather than trawl through the documentation and learning curve of METADATA_NEWOBJ  (am I even looking in the right area?) I wondered if anyone else had done this via code?

Any help appeciated!



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Re: Wanted: SAS code for creating user groups

Hi Martin,

This is an old one but here is the answer in  case your still looking Smiley Happy

You can take a look at Usage Note 40628: How to automate adding users and groups to a SAS® Metadata Repository

You might be specifically interested in the Sample Code for Generic File Import.

Thank you and have a great day, Sunshine

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Re: Wanted: SAS code for creating user groups

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Sunshine's response is the way to go with this.

Establish your groups in an LDAP directory and then have your scripts sync your users and groups.

This is what we are using to manage over a thousand users at my site and its has been running for years without a hiccup.

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