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Version 10?

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Version 10?

I'm being asked by my VP when Version 10 is going to be available.  


Is there any ETA.

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Re: Version 10?

There are no discussions of a Version 10 for SAS so there is no ETA

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Re: Version 10?

SAS is currently on Version 9.4M4, it's possible that the next version may be 9.5 not 10. 


9.4M4 was only released a few months ago and is a stable release IMO. 


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Re: Version 10?

Version numbers themselves are quite non descriptive, why the interest in a specific version 10?
AFAIK 9.4M5 will be released later this year, but then the SAS9 product line will probably be merged into the Viya platform.
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Re: Version 10?

To add to what @LinusH and others have said...


SAS 9.4 Maintenance 5 is the next scheduled release for the "traditional" SAS platform.  Development continues on that platform to add features that customers need.  That includes new procedures, functions, SAS/ACCESS engines, and enhancements to existing features.  There are also new ways to use SAS 9.4, including from Python (using the SASPy project that SAS released last month.)


SAS Viya is the newer analytics platform that presents a number of new aspects that customers need: cloud-friendly, open to other programming languages via APIs, scalable/elastic, and more.  It's the basis for SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning, the next generation of SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Investigator, and a number of analytical products such as SAS Visual Forecasting, SAS Optimization, and more.  You can use it alongside SAS 9.4 and the Maintenance 5 release will bring more integration.


These features might meet one's expectations of the mythical "Version 10" -- but that's not a SAS version that is on the roadmap or announced.  @LinusH is correct -- it's more useful to phrase the question as "when will SAS support <your-desired-feature-here>" and see if we can answer.  (And the answer might be: "it already does.")

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