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Uninstall problems, Greenplum error

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Uninstall problems, Greenplum error

We have a very customized basic install of SAS provided to us by the university.   I have a machine where someone ran a setup and did not follow the installation directions so effectively a full blown version of SAS was installed and I am having difficulty uninstalling it.    I uninstalled the software and attempted a reinstall but it appears everything is still there, so I did a reinstall and it only installed partial modules.   When I attempted an uninstall from the deployment wizard, I get "The product DataDirect ODBC Driver for Greenplum 9.41 (64-bit) cannot be removed until the following products are removed or selected from removal"    with a blank space and the Okay button.  I cannot find any information on this at all.   How should I proceed?  



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Re: Uninstall problems, Greenplum error

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There are some notes/documentation how to uninstall, like this one:

Can be quite tedious, depending on the nature of your SAS installation. Perhaps it's easier to refresh the whole Windows PC?

If SAS is provided to you by your university, I think that they should be your 1st line of support.

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