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Unable to create a Data Source using SAS Eminer 6.2

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Unable to create a Data Source using SAS Eminer 6.2


I am unable to create a Data source using dataset from Base SAS libraies in SAS Eminer 6.2.

we were able to access the  datasets from these Base SAS libraries a week ago using SAS Eminer 6.2

We have Multi-tier SAS Server architecture and are using Java 1.6.0_16.  Java version on the SAS Web servers

also tried clearing the Java and browser caches.But still not able to use the datasets from the library.

We are getting two errors.

     When trying to create a data source  using SAS Eminer

    1 - attempting to create a data source in the XXXX library gives a "could not open" Java error

    2 - When we are        

                  using a SAS Code node to write to the DMPH library gives a "lock is not available" error

             data XXXX.myhmeq;

                set sampsio.hmeq;


We have a work around now to access the datasets from teh libraries using SAS Eminer. would like to access teh SAS data sets as we did earlier.

The Base SAS library is located on a SAN Stoage.

Kindly help

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Re: Unable to create a Data Source using SAS Eminer 6.2

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Have you tracked this to SAS Tech Support as you will likely get quicker help from them.

Obviously if it worked a week ago but not now something has changed to cause it. What happens if you submit a LIBNAME statement pointing at XXXX? Does if allocate OK?

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