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Turning Off Debug Logs

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Turning Off Debug Logs

Hey Community,


We have a development environment that fills up with space pretty frequently. I belive out admin person (who has left) likely turned on the debug logs at some point to check on an issue.


Well, I'd like to confirm that and if that is the case...turn them off.


So, would these logs be on app, meta, or web servers? Any specific syntax in a config file I should look for?



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Re: Turning Off Debug Logs

There are a few settings in SAS code you can turn off an on, for instance, macro and include files:

options nomprint nosymbolgen nomlogic nosource nosource2;

The documentation will show all the options:

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Re: Turning Off Debug Logs



Please run this command and show me an output (do not forget to update the path to your configuration directory):


find /PATH/TO/SAS/CONFIG/ -regextype posix-egrep -regex ".*\.(cfg)$" 2> /dev/null | xargs grep -i 'logconfigloc'
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